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National and International Network of Industry Leading Organizations and Partners

Consultation, Negotiation and Representation Services for All Industry Sourcing Needs

National Co-Packer/Manufacturing Network, Pairing Scale Needs with Production Execution

Established Global Advisory Partners Representing All Industry Level Sourcing Categories

Barton Strategic Group

“NextUp Brands is a very strong, collaborative partner of ours. We have been working with them for some time now on several different, national projects that we are facilitating. They are perfectly positioned in the Industry to help large, complex organizations like Sodexo, Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay and others, streamline their direction while bringing a wealth of value to any project they work on. From product and systems development to networking/sourcing facilitation, NextUp Brands helps us connect the dots to better secure and execute critical programs for our organization and others …”

Reed Barton
CEO – Barton Strategic Group

SamMark Holdings

“In late 2019, we established extremely aggressive sales growth initiatives for our organization. Our focus had always been manufacturing, and we realized that we needed a partner who intimately understood the marketplace and its ever-changing industry trends. NextUp Brands came highly recommended. They have provided invaluable guidance on product development to meet the needs of various sales channels. Within just our first year of working together, we have landed regional and national contracts that would have never been possible without them. I believe we have found our true business partner, helping us continue to grow and diversify for years to come.”

Mark Maglio,
Managing Director – SamMark Holdings

Uplift Produce

“From the very beginning, NextUp Brands has been our true partner. From helping us establish our strategic company direction in early 2018 to our recently launched, industry disrupting product line in late 2020, they have been there every step and hurdle along the way. Their professional, national and international network of Advisory Partners, their tireless drive to execute and their willingness to evolve with us to achieve our overarching goals are only a few of the key elements that sets NextUp Brands in a different class of industry-leading, professional firms…”

Chris Arnold
CEO – Uplift Produce

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